1. We prefer plain-spoken language and good craftsmanship to Silicon Valley tech hype. We promise never to hand you a business card bearing the words “thought leaders” or “ninjas.”

2. We prefer working with open source software to expensive proprietary solutions.

3. We believe in user privacy and not selling people’s data.

4. Transparency = no surprises.

5. We don’t think the traditional Java Android developer experience is long for this world. We prefer the futuristic React Native as a great proposition for most Android apps. It’s less cumbersome to build, easier to maintain.

6. In contrast, we do feel that any chance to write Objective-C, the language behind iOS, is like getting to tinker with a Ferrari engine. We do, however, think you will like how our RN apps will run beautifully on both kinds of device.

7. We are agile, able to work with you as requirements change.

8. We believe in well-tested software so that your new app’s tires have been kicked thoroughly.

9. Integrity is important.

10. Computers are cool. They should be used for creative and worthy purposes.

What they say in Silicon ValleyWhat we say at JJUK
NinjasHard-working, conscientious software developers
Our IPO is coming upWe want to design your next phone or tablet application, for a reasonable but by no means excessive fee
Hoodies, fooz ball, going to the 11 p.m. D.J. set to party with Elon Musk at the DNA LoungeA sweater and a nice night indoors with a black and white movie.