Designed for Blue Ventures‘ coral reef conservation project underway in Madagascar and other countries, this is an Android scientific survey app that John built (using React Native). It’s being used on the shores¬† by octopus fishers, who are using it to collect and transmit data to London scientists on how many creatures they are catching, and then sync it all to a database. Users are provided with live infographic reports that come in via a pub-sub system.

The app was built because Blue Ventures needed a replacement for the aging, XML-based Open Data format of some earlier software that was having trouble getting through reliably to MySQL servers from distant shores with erratic 3G connections. It’s also heavily customizable. From a main dashboard it can be changed into new permutations to suit the needs of other conservation projects from Africa to Oceania.

It also runs in the native dialect of Vezo.

Daily Switch

Rein’s video game¬†news app keeping readers up to date on the latest releases for the Nintendo Switch, via a little Graphcool and pub-sub.


Coming soon: Our new white label podcasting app for Android and iOS. For hosts who’d like to make their shows available on the App and Play Store. Will support full theming and live Internet radio.

If you’re a podcast host and could use your own app with a user experience customized to your needs, just drop a line at john@jupiterjazz.io and we can tailor one for your listeners.

Tinder for Surfers

An iOS prototype that John built in 2017 for BroPros, a surfing instruction company. Match and chat with other riders, arrange lessons or check on conditions before meeting at your favorite beach.

Live Listening Lounge

Football podcast host Doug Stewart needed a paywall-protected chat lounge, Internet radio platform and show archive. John built the system in modern Javascript, tied to a Stripe payment system and membership database, and integrated with mobile.